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Power of Attorney

to sign a conclusive agreement on a customs declaration form and to import duties.

  1. Icetransport ehf. reg. no 541298-3049 is a company that is licensed as a custom broker by the Ministry of Finance in conformance with the provisions of the Customs Act No. 88/2005.
  2. Icetransport procures customs clearance services.
  3. The client gives Icetransport a unlimited and full power of attorney to account for the client in dealing with custom authorities.
  4. The client gives Icetransport a unlimited and full power of attorney to sign a conclusive guarantee on a custom declaration form in the name of the client.
  5. Icetransport is allowed to charge import duties to the client in conformance with this power of attorney cf. provisions of Paragraph 2 of Article 127 of the Customs Act.
  6. Icetransport has to get a guarentee from the client that he has a valid license from Directorate of Customs of postponement of payment at any given time and is compelled to inform Icetransport of any changes that may be made to that while the power of attorney is in effect.
  7. If the client defaults on his import duties and/or if the Directorate of Customs repeals his license and/or refuses a license for customs clearance the client has to notify Icetransport right away. The same goes if an authorisation for postponement of payment of import duties are cancelled and/or the amount decreases.
  8. The client is responsible for the payment of import duties cf. provisions of the Customs Act.
  9. The client guarantees to Icetransport that the information/data that the customs clearance is based on is correct and that it meets the requirements and administrative provision relating to the Customs Act.
  10. The client vouches to indemnify Icetransport of all claims that could be directed towards Icetransport in relation to customs clearance for the client. That includes any duties that Icetransport may become liable to in relation to an incorrect classification of goods and financial obligation accordcing with Article 33 of the Customs Act.
  11. If the client does not notify Icetransport about any objections regarding the customs documents within 15 days from customs clearance the client is considered to have aprroved Icetransport’s customs clearance.
  12. Icetransport shall have a recovery claim for the amount of any payments and/or guarantee claims made by the company in relation to the client’s import duties and/or penalty interest. The recovery claim shall be that amount as well as the maximus legally permissible penalty interest and collection charges.
  13. The power of attorney is effective from it’s authorization for a duration of one year. It is automatically renewed for another year if it has not been repealed within that time frame. The power of attorney can be repealed with a 30 day notice by both parties. The repeal must be in writing and sent in a confirmable manner. It is effective on the first of the following month after being repealed.
1. Client 2. Registration Number 3. Date
Person authorized to sign (in the case of a company/institution
4. Legal domicile Telephone 5. Address (if other than legal domicile)

( ) General power of attorney

( ) Power of attorney in relation to the following consignments (consignments numbers):

( ) The client has a valid license from the customs authorities for EDI- and WEB- customs clearance.

( ) The client has neither a license for EDI- customs clearance nor a license to postpone payment of import duties

( ) The client is authorized by the Directorate of Customs to postpone payments of import duties

Signature on behalf of: