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Pick up request

    Sendandi (Sender's info)

    Kennitala (Senders's ID) * Tengiliður (Sender's name)* Netfang (Sender's email)* Símanúmer (Sender's phone)* Fyrirtæki/Nafn (Sender's company)* Heimilisfang (Sender's address)* Borg (Sender's city)* Póstnúmer (Sender's postal)*
    Innihaldslýsing (Shipment information)

    Fjöldi pakka (Total packages) * Þyngd (Total weight)* Lengd í cm (L) Breidd í cm (W) Hæð í cm (H) Innihaldslýsing (Commodity description)* Verðmæti (Value)* Gjaldmiðill (Currency)*


    FedEx shipments are delivered the next business day in major cities of the United States and Europe. Delivery to major cities in South America, Asia, Africa and Australia is 48-72 hours. Additional transit time can increase by one to three days to smaller cities.

    For additional information regarding transit time please contact

    • Pick up to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia needs to be booked before 10:30 am to depart on pick up day.
    • Pick up to  North- and South America needs to be booked before 13:30 pm to depart on pick up day.

    Shipments requiring special customs procedures are shipped out the next business day.

    Unavoidable delays, such as the weather, delays in flight or for failures of the aircraft and delayed customs clearance anywhere in the world, can affect delivery.